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2021 PAC Soccer Teams

Congratulations to all the players who made a 2012 PAC Soccer Team.  Please register by December 14th to accept your position. 

Please see below for further instruction and read all Policies and Player Expectation.  When registering you will check a box indicating that you agree to all parent and player expectations and will adhere to them throughout the season on and off the field.  

PAC Varsity Boys

  1. Selwyn Salter
  2. Ronny Hipp
  3. Jacob Baarendse
  4. Isaac Walkup
  5. Donovan Fontana 
  6. Jake Mawday
  7. Judah Eernisse
  8. Matthew McCatherrn
  9. Jared Townsend
  10. Alex Jackson
  11. Jaden Menie
  12. Ben Wegener 
  13. Asher Aurednik 
  14. Elijah Craft
  15. Ethan Hughbright
  16. Jeff Overholt
  17. Blake Crouch
  18. Jacob Hinds (injured)
  19. Ian McClellan (pending tryout in January)


  1. Jackson Reinhard
  2. Mikkah Eernisse
  3. Larry Reinhard
  4. Evan Steffee
  5. Jance Lamb
  6. Eli Menie
  7. Cooper Craft
  8. Isaac Hewitt
  9. Keaton Cogle
  10. Trevor Cheney
  11. Kaleb Early
  12. Jayson Reinhard
  13. Christopher Wright
  14. Trey Hardaway
  15. Gage Taylor
  16. David Baarendse
  17. Ethan Cargo
  18. Jonny Steffee-Reserve
  19. Thomas Hipp-Reserve

PAC Varsity Girls

  1. Michaela Lanier
  2. Lindy Lamb
  3. Jessica Townsend
  4. Stephanie Hubright
  5. Kassidy Coffin
  6. Kylie Stewart
  7. Hannah Crouch
  8. Hannah Hardaway
  9. Taylor Hill
  10. Karsen Keefer
  11. Gabbie Taylor
  12. Erin Wheeler
  13. Emma Thumpston
  14. Bailey Eernisse


PAC JV Girls

  1. Bethany Craft
  2. Bo Casey
  3. Mikiyah Craft
  4. Grace Garzoni
  5. Eliza Hanley
  6. Miriam Hanley
  7. Isabella Hewitt
  8. Olivia Jeffcoat
  9. Makayla Kyzer-Kirkland
  10. Charlee Lamb
  11. Abby Lanier
  12. Madalyn McCathern
  13. Sarah McGillis
  14. Megan McGillis
  15. Anna Pardee
  16. Grace Pardee
  17. Katie Stacey
  18. Tristen Tyler


Contact Jennifer Aurednik at for more information

Please subscribe to the website on the home page to receive information about all PAC events.


Please accept your position on a team by registering.

If you are a returning player, please pick “Returning Varsity Boys” “Returning Varsity Girls” etc so you will not be charged for a uniform.  If you need to purchase another pair of shorts or socks, you can indicate it while registering.  If you are a New Player, please pick “Varsity Boys” “Varsity Girls” “JV Boys” “JV Girls” so you can purchase a uniform. 

Due to the number of boys who tried out, all 6th graders were made Reserve Players.  When registering, please pick “Reserve Player”, you will only be charged the PAC fees + $30 in coaching fees, you will participate in all practices and come to the games with the team, but you will not play in a game this year.


TEAMSNAP-once you accept your postion, you will receive an invitation to join TEAMSNAP.  All communication will go out through Teamsnap emails and alerts.  You will be able to go to the roster and update all of your family phone numbers and emails that you would like to receive communication.  You will also be able to see all contact information for other players on your team via the roster on TS.  The calendar will be updated soon with the tentative game schedule.  Please know that games are subject to change at anytime.  Always check your emails prior to a game to see if a change has been sent out.  

Team fees-$350 Uniform Kit $150=$500 (you can choose to pay all at once or make 3 payments)

-Practice-Mandatory practices begins January 5th.   Mon, Tues, and Thurs at Red Bank Rec, 6:30-8:00. Players need to arrive by 6:15 so they can be ready to start at 6:30

-Forms needed:

If you did not turn a COVID WAIVER FORM in during tryouts, please print and bring to the first practice January 5th.

• Birth Certificate- please provide a copy if you are new. I have all returning players on file
• Athletic Physical- I need proof that your player has had a physical. If your insurance only covers one once a year and you need to wait until Jan, Feb, or Mar. let me know and I will work with you. All players need a clean bill of health to play.
-Shin Guards- all shin guards need to be NOCSAE certified. Check your existing shin guards and make sure the tag can be seen, if you cannot verify that they are certified you will need to get new shin guards. You can purchase these online ex., or locally at DICKS or Academy Sports.
Director of Soccer: Jennifer Aurednik / / 803-269-6020
Director of Coaching-John Collins/
Varsity Boys: Sal Fontana/
Junior Varsity Boys: Ran Reinhard/504-343-1742/
Varsity Girls: Devin Lanier/
Junior Varsity Girls: Joel Chandler/ 803-354-8594 and Stephen Ardoline/803-960-0757/

Policy for Dealing with Issues
-if your player has an issue with another play, please try to deal with the player his/her parent first
-if it cannot be resolved between players, arrange a time to discuss with the coach.
-if the coach cannot handle the situation, he will ask me to step in.
-Please note the 24 hour policy-no one will discuss issues with the coaches following the game. If you feel you need to talk with him, wait 24 hours, then email him to arrange a time to discuss the issue. There will always be a third party present or the meeting will not take place.
-no parent should ever address a referee, opposing team’s coach, players, or fans. Refs can and will make bad calls, parents can and will be obnoxious, however, we have a higher standard and our job is to cheer and encourage our players. The coaches will coach.

Player Expectations
PAC is a member of SCHSAA-South Carolina Home School Athletic Associate and are held accountable according to their guidelines set.
Please read the following carefully
I therefore pledge to be responsible for my words and actions while attending, coaching,
officiating, or participating in any SCHSAA athletic event and shall conform my behavior to the
following code of conduct:
1. I will treat any coach, parent, spectator, player, official, or any other attendee with respect
regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, or ability.
2. I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any coach, parent, spectator, player,
official, or any other attendee.
3. I will not engage in any behavior which would endanger the health, safety, or well-being of
any coach, parent, spectator, player, official, or any other attendee.
4. I will not use drugs or alcohol while at any athletic event. I will not attend, coach, officiate or
participate in an athletic event while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

(There will be a minimum 5 game suspension first time offense if this rule is violated, the situation will be reviewed by the DOC and AD to determine if the player in violation can remain on the team)

5. I will not use tobacco (including smokeless types) while at any athletic event.
6. I will not engage in the use of profanity.
7. I will not engage in verbal or physical threats or abuse aimed at any coach, parent, spectator,
player, official, or any other attendee.
8. I will not initiate a fight or scuffle with any coach, parent, spectator, player, official, or any
other attendee.
9. I will not argue with officials or go through the motions indicating dislike or disdain for a
10. I will not make any degrading remarks about any official, coach, athlete, or school. I will not
make any degrading remark or criticism of any official, coach, athlete, or school to the media.
11. I will not detain or attempt to stop an official following the contest to request a ruling or
explanation of actions taken by the official. I will not follow or “chase” an official after a
contest is over.
12. I will not leave the bleachers or stands and enter the playing area to protest, object, criticize, check on a players injury unless called by a coach or official.

13.  I will stand and respect the playing of the National Anthem at all sporting events.

Boys Varsity

PAC 2019 Soccer Varsity Boys Roster Player# Name Grade 1 Andrew Craft 12 2 Andrew Thumpston 12 3 Jonathan Edmonds 12 4 Avery Bryan 12 5 Drew Herskind 12 6 Kensey Long 12 7 Michael McCathern 12 8 Robert Hogg 12 9 Cole Ihrie 11 10 Brayden Romanstine 11 11 Caleb Fink 11 12 Jeff …

Girls Varsity

PAC 2019 Soccer Varsity Girls # Names Grade 1 Elaine Smith 12 2 Zoe Aurdnik 12 3 Anna Bozzone 12 4 Tara Collins 12 5 Gigi Lamb 12 6 Sydney McNulty 12 7 Gracie Taylor 12 8 Rose Mary Reed 11 9 Anna Beth Freeman 11 10 Kandace Letton 11 11 Gabbie Taylor 10 12 …

JV Boys

PAC 2021 Soccer Junior Varsity Boys Tryouts-See the Soccer home page for Tryout details Ran Reinhard/504-343-1742/ Directions: PAC Soccer home field:  Red Bank Recreation Center, Sandhills United Soccer Complex, Liverpool Soccer Complex Address:Red Bank (RB)- 1159 Nazareth Road, Lexington, SC 29073 Take I-20 to Exit 55 (towards Pelion, not Lexington), go approximately 3 1/2 miles on Hwy 6, …

JV Girls

PAC 2019 PAC JV Girls Team # Names Grade 1 Breanne Ford 11 2 Sarah Hardaway 11 3 Hannah Crouch 10 4 Emma Thumpson 10 5 Hailey Collins 10 6 Madison Bachi 10 7 Diana Andes 10 8 Hannah Hardaway 9 9 Hope Dyches 9 10 Tatum Bryan 9 11 Grace Bailey 9 12 Bailey …

Soccer Registration

Soccer Registration Once a player is accepted on a team, he/she will need to have physicals signed by a physician and turned in. All registration will be done online, and payments made via a credit/debit card after tryouts and teams selected.