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Cross Country

Returning CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS and All those who want to run the 2019 season

The 2019 PAC Panther Cross Country team will meet at the SOAR field next to Cornerstone Presbyterian Church on Bush River Rd, Saturday, June 15th, at 9:30am. This is the rescheduled date from our “rainout”.

We will run the SOAR course and talk with athletes and parents briefly to discuss the upcoming season. All who want to participate are encouraged to meet Saturday morning with us.

INVITE YOUR Homeschool FRIENDS to run with us!

For All: Prepare NOW to compete!

HYDRATE Now! Start drinking your body weight in ounces everyday, especially the day prior to running. Example: if you weigh 100 pounds, drink 100 ounces of WATER daily. Do NOT drink soft drinks, tea or coffee.

SLEEP! Get 8-10 hours of nightly sleep, earlier to bed the better. For example: Its better for your body to go to bed at 8:00pm and get up at 4 or 5am.

All runners Start walking 3 miles daily NOW with 400meter runs for every mile you walk to prevent shin splints. Do this NOW prior to our meeting.
Those already running, run an additional 2 plus miles daily

We will discuss more when we meet:
Saturday, June 15, 2019, 9:30am to approximately 11:30am

Meet at:
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
SOAR field
5637 Bush River Rd
Columbia, SC 29212

Michael Reed, PAC Cross Country

PAC Cross Country is a great individual/team sport.  You, individually, set the level at which you compete by determining how hard you train, how you finish each race, and by deciding if you can do more next time.  At the same time, you are an important part of the team.  Each runner’s finish contributes to the team’s score.

We are a team that is determined to honor the Lord Jesus through our running by training hard, serving each other, and showing Christ-like sportsmanship at all events we participate in.  We run against home school, private and public high school teams across the state of South Carolina, and we usually travel to Georgia, at least once during the season.

If you are in the sixth grade and at least 12 years old (this requirement is subject to change based on the new requirements by the SCHSAA), and are homeschooled, or attend a private school that does not offer cross country, then you are most likely eligible to participate with PAC cross country.

We require a birth certificate and sports physical, performed by a licensed medical physician, before an athlete is allowed to participate.  We will practice at Saluda Shoals Park at the Riverbirch Shelter
Saluda Shoals Park, 5605 Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC 2921

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