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PAC XC at Patriot’s Classic and Heathwood Hall Invitational 9-11-21
On Saturday, September 11, The PAC Panthers XC team competed in the Patriot Classic, minus lead runner Jackson Reinhard who ran in the Heathwood Hall Invitational in Columbia. He did not travel with the team due to a family event. Before the meet at Heathwood, Coach Trey McCain had given Jackson instructions to follow River Bluffs lead runners through the first half of the meet and to push the pace in the second half. Jackson finished the race 8th overall with a new PR and PAC XC record of 17:01. He was the top freshman in the race. He improved his current midlands ranking to #1 freshman and is currently the #5 freshman in the state of South Carolina, based on scrunners rankings.
Up at the Patriot Classic run on Beechwood Farms near Travelers Reset, SC the lady Panthers started the racing for the team. The course was a dirt road loop that winds through farmland in a valley surrounded by large hills, one of which the runners would have to go up. The air was cool and mixed with heat as the sun rose high enough to shine on the area. After the girl’s race had started, Coach Trey ran ahead to get to the first mile to record splits. Once there, some farm workers were moving large trucks on the course and had to be told to pull to the side so the runners could pass without danger.
The first girl through the one mile was Emma Deason in 7:44. Not far behind was Liana Young (8:02), Arlie Knight (8:20), and Charlotte Kreisel (8:33). All the girls looked very strong through the first mile. Freshman Emily Mason did not run due to a calf muscle injury. The second mile proved to be very difficult for the Lady Panthers. The loose dirt and rocks just under the surface slowed the girls down significantly. Emma Deason came through the second mile with a 9:25, Liana in 9:28, Arlie in 10:08, and Charlotte in 9:59.
The final 1.1 mile of the course starts with a double hill. A double hill is a hill on top of a hill the runners have to get over. Once they reach the top they are 1000 meters from the finish line. Emma cruised up the hill and to the finish line with a final time of 26:27. Her final mile was run in 8:26. Closing the gap on Emma by finishing two spots and 12 seconds back, Liana finished the race in 26:39. Her final mile was run in 8:18. Running in her second 5k ever, Arlie Knight crossed the line in 27:54 with a final mile time of 9:26. Charlotte Kreisel finished the girls race with a final time of 28:51. Her last mile was run in 10:18. The girls stated the course was much harder than it seemed and just couldn’t get going that day. Due to having only 4 runners, the girls did not register a team score. Liana Young had the best race of the day for the girls, missing her season best by 10 seconds.
The Panther Men were next to take a crack at the Beechwood Farms course. After getting stuck behind a slow group at Eye Opener the previous week, the boys were ready to show they were faster than their last results. John Kollmensberger went through the first mile in 6:02. Not far behind was Noah Young, Elijah Greneir, and Sam Reed who crossed the one mile line in 6:19, 6:20, and 6:25. 20 seconds behind Elijah was Benson Ryan in 6:44. John McPherson went through the one mile in 7:02. Tyler Seay came through in 7:53 and Ian Hunter, who is running his first 5k of the season, went by in 8:08.
On the way to the 2nd mile, Coach Trey made a wrong turn through a field and ended up across from the two mile line at an impassable location. He could see the two mile but couldn’t get close enough in time to get near the runners before they went by. The middle section of the course was also tough for the guys as John Kollmensberger ran his second mile in 6:23, Noah in 6:43, Sam in 6:44, Benson in 7:35, and Elijah in 8:09. Due to the spread of the runners and nature of the course, 2 mile times were not recorded for John M, Tyler, or Ian.
John K closed the last mile in 5:50 with a monstrous kick and destroyed his PR from the previous season by 41 seconds with a final time of 18:50. He claimed that he sped up on the double hill and used the downhill side to keep his momentum. Noah also had a big PR on the day. After narrowly missing his PR by 2 seconds with one shoe last week, the freshman broke 20 min for the first time with a 19:57. His last mile was run in 6:16. Sam Reed finished third for the team in 21:09. His last mile was 7:20. Coming through in fourth for the team was Benson Ryan with a time of 22:00. His last mile was completed in 7:40. John McPherson was the final scorer for the Panthers, finishing in 22:29. Freshman Elijah Greneir, recovering from a week of being sick, crossed the line in 24:01. He does not have Covid. Rounding out the race for the Panthers were Tyler Seay in 25:56 and Ian Hunter in 28:18.
As far as the day goes, the Panthers did ok. We had 3 PRs, including a school record reset. The team has made good and steady progress through the first half of its season. The Panthers next race will be September 29 at the Pelion/Strictly Running Invitational. The boys start the racing at 5:15 PM

Trey McCain

Director for Without Limits Columbia
USATF Level 1 Certified Coach

Cross Country 2021

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming 2021 Cross Country season, Asst Coach Trey McCain will have a 12 week conditioning program through Without Limits Columbia starting May 31. The conditioning program is not mandatory to participate in the upcoming season. It is highly recommended. Coach Trey is a certified running coach through USA Track and Field with experience competing as a Cross Country and Distance Event Track athlete in the NCAA.
At PAC XC we have 3 specific goals we want to achieve:
1) Glorify Christ at practices and meets
2) Teach running as a lifestyle that will benefit the individual long after they’re done competing
3) Be competitive
The conditioning period assists new and returning runners with preparing for daily runs, weekly workouts, and long runs in the fall that will enable them to efficiently and competitively run races to the best of their ability. It is best to not wait until the conditioning period begins to start running. You should start preparing now. A free Walk-to-Run program will be provided by Coach Trey when you email him at If you wait until the official start date, you will be behind. If you don’t run until the season starts in August, you will be very behind. That is the nature of the sport.  Every runner will be treated as an individual and met where they are athletically.
Cross Country is a running specific sport. At the high school level, athletes run races 2-3 miles through fields, trails, and sometimes roads. Varsity teams are made up of the top 7 runners on a team and team scores are based on the finishing position of the top 5 runners on a team with the 6th and 7th runners acting as tie breakers when needed. The team with the lowest score wins. All runners not in the top 7 are considered Junior Varsity. At PAC XC we have a team rule, specific to us, that to be considered Varsity a runner must run at least 1 race as a top 7 and hit a specific time goal. For the boys a sub 23 minute 5k and for the girls a sub 25 minute 5k.
The Cross Country season officially begins at the end of August and finishes in early November. PAC will run 8-10 meets around South Carolina, mostly in the midlands. Our goal is to become more competitive each year and we have seen tremendous improvement over the last 2 seasons. Last year we had an individual break the boy’s record twice. As a team the runners covered over 5000 miles in 6 months and ran 45 personal records.
Cross Country is a Varsity sport. We are not a social jogging club. There will be times and opportunities for socializing but we are here to run, workout, and compete. These are the appropriate expectations to have when joining our team. The following standards are being set for the upcoming conditioning period and season:
New girls should start building the strength to comfortably run 3 miles on day one
Returning Runners
7th and 8th grade girls should return strong enough to comfortably run 3.5 miles on day one
9th grade girls should return strong enough to comfortably run 4 miles on day one
10th grade girls should return strong enough to comfortably run 4.5 miles on day one
11th grade girls should return strong enough to comfortably run 5 miles on day one
12th grade girls should return strong enough to comfortable run 5.5 miles on day one
New boys should start building the strength to comfortably run 3 miles on day one
Returning Runners
7th and 8th grade boys to return strong enough to comfortably run 3.5 miles on day one
9th grade boys should return strong enough to comfortably run 5 miles on day one
10th grade boys should return strong enough to comfortably run 5.5 miles on day one
11th grade boys should return strong enough to comfortably run 6 miles on day one
12th grade boys should return strong enough to comfortably run 6.5 miles on day one
PAC XC is coached by Michael Reed and Trey McCain.
Coach Reed ran XC as a high schooler in Texas.
Coach Trey ran XC as a high schooler in Missouri and South Carolina. He studied at Mars Hill University in North Carolina where he ran on a scholarship.
Coach Reed’s email:
Coach Trey’s email:

Trey McCain

Director for Without Limits Columbia
USATF Level 1 Certified Coach



Without Limits Track information meeting

When: October 14, 2020 at 6 PM.

Where: Seven Oaks Park. Meet at Blue Jack Oak Shelter on top of the hill nearest community center.

This meeting is specifically for athletes interested in distance running events: 800 meters, 1600 meters, and 3200 meters.  If you are interested in track but are not able to attend the information meeting, please email Coach Trey at

Without Limits is a coaching and apparel brand dedicated to assisting endurance athletes of all ability levels to reach their goals. We work with athletes ranging from the youth level up to professional athletes. Our specialities include conditioning, group workouts, custom training plans for individuals, and nutrition guidance.

Without Limits Columbia is directed by PAC Cross Country Coach Trey McCain. Coach Trey has been involved with competitive distance running since 2003 in Liberty, MO. His family moved to Gilbert, SC in 2004 and he is a graduate of Gilbert High School class of 2007. After Gilbert, Coach Trey competed for Mars Hill University in North Carolina on an athletic scholarship. While competing for Mars Hill, Coach Trey earned numerous conference, region, and school accolades including individual conference titles in track.

Personal note from Coach Trey: “One of the first things I noticed about distance running in South Carolina was how far behind the rest of the country our state is. While South Carolina has produced some amazing runners, our own state champions would barely qualify for state competition in neighboring states. My hope is to improve the running culture in South Carolina to be more competitive through conditioning and training practices I’ve learned over the years. There is great talent in the Palmetto State and Without Limits Columbia wants to help young runners in the Midlands find opportunities to improve and reach their potential.”

Without Limits services include

  • Consultation
  • College Recruiting Guidance
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Seminars for Coaches
  • Strength Training for Runners
  • Custom Training Plans
  • Group Coaching

Michael Reed, PAC Cross Country

PAC Cross Country is a great individual/team sport.  You, individually, set the level at which you compete by determining how hard you train, how you finish each race, and by deciding if you can do more next time.  At the same time, you are an important part of the team.  Each runner’s finish contributes to the team’s score.

We are a team that is determined to honor the Lord Jesus through our running by training hard, serving each other, and showing Christ-like sportsmanship at all events we participate in.  We run against home school, private and public high school teams across the state of South Carolina, and we usually travel to Georgia, at least once during the season.

If you are in the sixth grade and at least 12 years old (this requirement is subject to change based on the new requirements by the SCHSAA), and are homeschooled, or attend a private school that does not offer cross country, then you are most likely eligible to participate with PAC cross country.

We require a birth certificate and sports physical, performed by a licensed medical physician, before an athlete is allowed to participate.  We will practice at Saluda Shoals Park at the Riverbirch Shelter
Saluda Shoals Park, 5605 Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC 2921

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