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Bass Fishing 2021-2022

Official sign up will be on the PAC website (link) or use the link below.


Priority will be given to returning anglers over newcomers.

There is a $200 participation fee with a minimum $50 fee to pay at time of registration.  

This will be reimbursed if adequate number of boat captains are not found.

Requirement for boat captain are as follows:

-Boat captain must sign a Statement of Faith (PAC requirement)

-Boat captain must submit to a background check

-Boat captain must sign up on PAC website as a volunteer coach

-Must have minimum 16 ft boat with steering wheel (no tiller handle or stick steering)

-Must have $300,000 liability insurance policy (estimated cost $100)

-Boat captain will be reimbursed for vehicle and boat gas expenses (up to $100 per tournament)

Contact Frank Myers for more information at