Skyhawk Invitational 2014

Skyhawk Invitational 2014

PAC Show Time: 8am (look for our tent)

Race Times
9:00am Boys
9:40am Girls

NOTICE: Because of high temperatures, all boys will run at 9, and all girls will run at 9:40. The first seven boys and first seven girls from our team will automatically be scored as varsity and the remaining runners will have officials times and will be listed in the results.

Awards We will award trophies to the top three boys and girls varsity teams and T shirts to the top 20 individuals in each varsity race. The awards ceremony will be in the football stadium which is a couple of minutes walk from the parking lot over the pedestrian bridge. I expect it to start at about 10:30.

The course is a 2390 meter loop that is run twice. The start and finish are on the lacrosse field. The start is wide with 200 meters of straight running before it funnels down to the width of a single track road. The course is fairly flat except for a short, steep downhill followed by an uphill on each loop. About 800 meters of the loop is on a trail through woods. The surface is all grass/packed dirt/fine gravel. NOTICE: This is a little different from the course that we have run before. The area to the south of the tennis courts that used to be on the start/finish route is not a practice area for the golf team and is off limits to us. Please stay away from this area. The main loop at the northeast corner has been extended to make up the distance. A bonus is that the 1 mile mark is now easy to get to from the start/finish area.

Course map (updated):

This is a very good course for spectators. The runners can be seen in three different places on each loop from the start/finish area.

The course is at Hammond’s South Campus athletic complex. The access road is at 1211 Veterans Road, Columbia SC 29209. The start & finish are on the lacrosse field, adjacent to the large parking lot at the end of the access road.