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Who can play for PAC?

PAC Eligibility Status

a. Private school kids who do not have the desired sport at their school can participate in PAC

b. Home school kids who are accountable through SCAIHS, Third Option group, and the school district can participate.

c. Charter/Virtual schooled kids

i. Virtual/charter schooled athletes can play with PAC but will not be allowed to participate in certain home       school  tournaments that do not recognize them as true homeschoolers, they can sit out these tournaments or the team can choose not to go to these events

ii. If Virtual/charter schooled kids are doing some classes online and some classes at the public school they are not eligible.

d. Athletes doing dual enrollment, taking classes at a resource center, or some other parent chosen course of study are eligible to participate with PAC.

e. Playing for PAC and local school

i. if an athlete chooses to play for the local school in a sport, he cannot play for PAC in a different sport.
ii. if an athlete  tries out for a public school sport and doesn’t make the team, he/she cannot try to get on a PAC       team once tryouts are over in the same sport they tried out for at the local school.
iii. if an athlete plays for a local school one year but the next year he/she wants to play for PAC, he is eligible.
iv. if an athlete plays for PAC in a sport and wants to play another sport at another time, but PAC doesn’t offer it,      he/she is able to try-out at the local school
v. an athlete that plays for PAC is free to participate in any other extracurricular activity at the local school as            long as it is not a sport offered at PAC

What Gender can play on which team:

  • All Girls- Volleyball, Girls Golf, Girls Soccer team, Girls basketball team
  • All Boys-Boys Baseball teams, Boys Basketball teams, Boys Football teams
  • Includes Boys and Girls: Cross Country, Sporting Clays, Spring Golf, Cheerleading, Boys Soccer (co-ed team if needed)

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