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Forms and Policies

1. Eligibility Policy (pdf)

2. Sponsor Form (pdf)

3. PAC Sponsorship letter

4.  Parent Agreement (pdf)

5. Parent Ride Consent (pdf)

6. Coaches Contract/Statement of Faith (pdf)

7. Pre-Participation Medical History Form (pdf)

8. PAC Participation Waiver Form (pdf)

9.Sick Policy:

-Fever-stay home until you are fever free for 24 hrs

-Stomach flu-stay home

-Strep/Flu/Bad cough-stay home

-Normal Cold-If you feel well enough, come to practice (use your judgement about keeping distance)

-Covid exposure-family member test Covid positive that day with symptoms, you have no symptoms and have not been around the person much-come to practice. If you start to have symptoms (head ache, sore throat, scratchy throat, fever) stay home.  We are asking the coaches not to do tight huddles and kids know not to share water bottles and stay out of each others personal space.

-Covid positive- wait the five days, as long as symptoms are gone, you can come back to practice

Some great supplements are:

Vit C 1000-2000mg/day, Vit D3 5000units/day, Zinc 25-50mg/day, Vit B12 5000mg/day, Magnesium 150mg/day, NAC 600mg/day, Quercetin 100-800mg/day(take with zinc), Turmeric with Curcumin (do not use if on blood thinner) Pepcid 20mg/day (do not take if already taking meds for heartburn).