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About PAC

Welcome to PAC!

Providence Athletic Club (“PAC”) is an organization that provides competitive high school level sports opportunities for home educated athletes in the Columbia, South Carolina region.

We compete against local area public, private, and home educated athletic teams. Participation on our teams is open to specifically home educated athletes but has expanded to include some private school students whose schools do not offer a sports program, and students who do charter or virtual schools. Athletes of all races and religious affiliations may be a part of PAC athletic teams as long as they meet the age and eligibility requirements for each sport. Our team mascot is the Panther. Our team colors are navy blue and white.

Our sports teams are led by coaches with proven experience. These men and women must sign our Statement of Faith and be committed to developing a winning team comprised of young men and women with Christ-like character.

Our Purpose

We exist to give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ in everything we do. Our purpose is to provide competitive level sports opportunities for the above stated athletes (grades 6-12), while developing both physically and spiritually in a Christian environment.

Our History

In April 2009, several families assembled in Lexington, SC to discuss the possibility of forming a competitive boy’s soccer team.  We had all interested come out on June 9th and soon discovered that there was just as much interest from the girls.  From that point we were able to form a Boys and Girls Varsity team as well as a co-ed JV team.  In July,  Jim Blevins contacted me about adding a baseball team, Richard Folks contacted me about adding basketball, and Tina Reinhardt wanted to start a cross country team.  Later that fall, I was contacted about organizing a Golf team.  It was all coming together amazingly fast, teams were practicing, games were beig scheduled, and the first year of PAC had officially begun.  PAC has continued to grow every year by adding middle school teams, girls teams, or new sports.  The fall of 2011, PAC started a practice football team to see if there was enough interest to start a real one at some point.  There was and the Fall of 2012, PAC football will officially begin with a JV team playing in the Pioneers Leaque.

Over two hundred athletes have participated in one or more of PAC’s sports.  This is a huge blessing and opportunity that home school athletes have never been offered before and so many have said what a difference it has made in thier high school experience.  We look forward to the future and seeing what God has for PAC as we continue to seek His guidance as PAC continues to grow.