USC Research Project

PAC has been asked to be apart of a research project being carried out this fall by USC graduate students.  They will be researching the association between functional movement
proficiency, health-related fitness, and injury incidence in youth athletes.
Participants will be in the age range of 12-17 participating in either football,
volleyball, or boys/girls basketball team, and Cross Country if more athletes are needed.

The purpose of this study is to see if a specific functional movement screen can be used to help improve health
related fitness and reduce the risk of injury in youth athletes.

This is an honor to be asked to take part in a USC Research Study; therefore, I would ask that all athletes participating in football, volleyball, basketball, and cross country (if needed) make time to meet with these students so they can gather the data needed to complete their project.  It will take about an hour of your time.  They need about 40 boys and 40 girls.

Thank you for cooperating and giving of your time to be apart of this unique opportunity!