Rising Sons- Program for Fathers and Sons

I usually do not distribute information that is not sports related, but this program is being started by our former baseball director, Jim Blevins.  He is wanting to address issues that are desperately needed in today’s society. 

PAC Fathers,
Raising Godly sons in this day and age is getting to be harder and harder.  We are in a war with popular culture so fathers have to be more and more intentional in training the young men that God has placed in their care.  Some Fathers just don’t know where to start, are overwhelmed by the challenge of it all or just desire community as we walk that road together.  I know I struggled to find my footing, and found that, overall, men are reluctant to ask for help or seek community and encouragement.  I would like to see this changed.
I am thinking about starting a program for Fathers and Sons to work through during their teenage years.  The program will be called Rising Sons and topics covered will be:
1) What does a Godly young man look like? (Heavy Emphasis)2) Logical Thinking3) Financial Literacy4) Sexual Temptation5) Career Planning
Ideally, Fathers and Sons would get involved in the program when their Sons are about twelve years old but I am trying to build the program so you can jump in wherever you find yourself on the teenage curve.
The program will consist of books to work through together and fun field trips.  It will also include roundtables where Fathers can get together with one another and discuss the topic of the day such as internet filters/accountability, dating, etc.  The round tables will have a mix of older and younger Fathers so we can share insight gained over the years.  Most roundtables would have speakers to discuss current topics that men, both Fathers and Sons, need to be aware of.
I want it to be a fun time that builds father/son relationships and helps raise the next generation of young men that will courageously lead their families and our nation; a generation of young men who boldly proclaim the Word of God and run towards danger to protect the innocent.
I am a follower of Christ and a father like yourself.  My wife and I have raised three young men and one daughter and I continue to be Father to them even though my role has changed over the years.  I have served on my Church’s Youth Ministry team for over ten years.  I also started a homeschool baseball program in Columbia 2010.  The goal of the program was to  come alongside parents and help them raise Godly young men; using baseball as a tool to do so.  Along the way, the boys would learn the great game of baseball, gain a sense of community and strive and sacrifice for something bigger than themselves.  Even though my young men are out of the house (for the most part), I still have a heart for fatherhood and raising the next generation of young men.
There will be a cost to the program as I will need to pay for books, field trips, t-shirts, speakers and such.  I will have more information about this later on.
I am going to hold an exploratory meeting at my house on Saturday, June 25th at 10:00 am. I hope that you can attend and please feel free to pass this along to anyone else you feel might be interested.  I do ask that you let me know if you will be attending so I can ensure I have coffee / juice and room enough for everyone.
Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.
Jim Blevinsjblevinsd@gmail.com803-397-5483119 Walnut LaneColumbia, SC  29212