Reminder: PAC Hoodie and T-shirt Order by Jan. 10th

Now is the time to place your PAC Hoodie or 2013-2014 T-shirt order!

PAC T-shirts are a moisture wicking fabric that are great for sports activities or wearing to support your favorite PAC team.
Shirts are grey with navy lettering.
Cost $15/ non-players
All players will receive shirts with registration and sizes will be sent to me via their sport director.

PAC Hoodies-Choose between Grey and Navy
Cost $28/player $33/non-player
I will need a minimum order of 24 hoodies in each color otherwise only grey will be ordered.

Email the following information by Jan 10,2014 to



Sport associated with:

Not associated with a sport:

Size: YS, YM, YL, AS, AM, AL, AXL, AXXL (No YXL for hoodies)

Hoodie Color: Grey or Navy
T-shirt Color: Grey

Make checks payable to: PAC

Mail checks to:
Jennifer Aurednik
1357 Knott’s Haven Loop,
Lexington, SC 29073