PAC Yearbook

Thank you and an Apology from the 2015 PAC Yearbook 
I want to thank all who supported The Panther 2015 Yearbook this year. We think 
it was a successful publication, but not as perfect as we would like for it to 
have been. I have just recently found that we gave credit to PAC for an event 
where it was not due. The event was the Excelsior Spring Formal held at the Old 
Mill in Lexington on May 2nd, 2015, and was attended and enjoyed by many from 
In that regard, I want to extend a public apology to Ashley Vickery at Excelsior 
Academy for wrongly attributing their formal as a PAC event. Any event of the 
size and magnitude of the Excelsior Spring Formal takes much time, money and 
coordination, and we do not want to take any credit away from whom it really 
belongs. Again, the Spring Formal featured on pages 80-81 in the 2015 PAC 
Panther Yearbook was not a PAC event, but was an Excelsior event. We are sorry 
for this inaccuracy and regret the error. 
Michael Reed 
2015 Yearbook Adviser