PAC Seniors-Yearbook Information

Greetings PAC senior athletes!

This is a request for some last-year-of-high-school information (laid out in detail below). The info is for the senior section of ‘The Panther’ our annual PAC yearbook. All seniors will be recognized in the book, and we want to make sure each one is featured properly. So here is what we need from you:

1. Your full name: First, Middle, & Last

2. An up-to-date family portrait. Ideally, the most current portrait you have for this year. If you think you want to get a photo done specifically for the purpose of this assignment, by all means, go for it!

3. Your senior photo (this will be taken care of by the yearbook staff when the pictures are scheduled and taken for your team this season)

4. A unique baby photo of the senior.

5. Please complete this questionnaire and submit your answers in the form of a word document:

-What is your favorite PAC memory?
-What is the best motivational advice that you could give somebody?
-Who would you like to thank? (It can be family, friends, coaches, teachers, etc.)
-Who is your favorite founding father?
-What talent/skill do you have that your PAC friends don’t know about? i.e playing the piano, insanely cool skateboarding, writing or acting skills, etc.
-What are your goals for the future?
What change for good would you like to make in the world?
-What is your favorite Bible Verse?
-What is the most personally meaningful quote that you’ve read/heard or in some way received?

The deadline for turning in all the items listed above is April 1st. When you send in your info to the year book please write ‘PAC Senior’s Info’ as the subject title, and email your photos and word doc with answers to
Say whatever you would like in answering the questions (keeping it relevant of course)! This is about you enjoying your memories decades from now, perhaps even sharing them with your grandchildren! So make the info everything you want it to be! We look forward to hearing from you!
Caleb Reed,
With the 2014-2015 PAC yearbook