PAC Panthers Sporting Clays Coed Team

PAC Panthers Sporting Clays Coed Team


I would proudly like to announce the beginning of PAC Panthers Sporting Clays Coed Team.

Christopher Foster, NSSA NSCA Level I instructor certified, NRA certified, SLED certified instructor in multiple firearms and will be Director of Shooting Sports for PAC.


All though the season has already started he would like to start preparing for a successful season next year.

South Carolina has a large amount of established school shooting teams, so starting practice preseason for next year will be beneficial for our team.


What is Sporting Clays?

Sporting Clays is the sport of shooting moving clay targets that are thrown from machines that are placed in various positions and angles to challenge the shooter from a box, aka usually a wooden or pvc barrier to shoot the targets.


What you will need:

Sporting Clays uses a shotgun 12 or 20 gauge semi automatic or over and under style shotguns.

For NOVICE shooters preferably semi automatic shotgun.

The firearm is not provided and must be inspected and approved. If you do not have one, these can range from roughly 350.00 to easily 7,000.00. It really depends on what you want and are willing to pay.

Please keep in mind the gun does not make the shooter the shooter makes the gun.

My son who is advanced shoots a Beretta A400 Xcel 12 gauge 30″ barrel semi automatic shotgun which new is around 1500.00 to 1700.00 dollars. I started with a Stoeger Condor over and under brand new around 390.00 to 450.00 that you will still see me with, yes even at competition shoots.


We will get more into buying and fitting firearms at another time, so please do not run out and buy either of these guns or any without meeting with me first. We will discuss the pros and cons of gun styles and proper gun fit.


Transportation to events

Next, is transportation at events. You may at some events rent a golf cart, but the students are not allowed to operate rented golf carts. The courses are designed by the hosting club and usually the shooting boxes are far apart, so that SAFETY is first and no one gets hurt. So you really need a golf cart or a side by side utv.


Information Meeting

An informational meeting will be set up within the next two months for those interested in learning more about PAC Sporting Clays team.


Please Contact Christopher Foster at to be put on the list to receive notice regarding the information meeting to come.




Christopher Foster
Director of Shooting Sports


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