PAC Hoodies, Longsleeves, and Short Sleeve shirts Order is HERE!

PAC Hoodies, Longsleeves, Crewneck Sweatshirts, and Short Sleeve shirts Order

If you placed an order for a hoodie, longsleeve shirt, crewneck sweatshirt, or short sleeve shirt in Oct or Nov, your items have come in and you need to contact me about picking them up.

*Unfortunately there was an issue with some of the longsleeve shirts-the shirts look great but the design for the hoodie was put on some instead of the correct design.

**If you ordered a Combo or a LS shirt, contact me to let me know if you want the shirt that was printed with the hoodie design or if you want to wait for the shirt with the correct design to be printed.  Not everyone was affected by the misprint.

The prices are listed below if you forgot, please bring a check made out to PAC when picking up your order.  If you don’t remember contact me at

Checks can be mailed to: Jennifer Aurednik, 1357 Knott’s Haven Lp, Lexington SC 29073

-Pick up dates: Nov 29, Dec 1, Dec 5, and Dec 7

-Time: 6:30-7:30

-Location: Red Bank Recreation Center, 1159 Nazareth Rd, Lexington SC 29073

Or you can arrange to come to my house to pick up your items: 1357 Knott’s Haven Lp, Lexington SC 29073

If you do not pick up your items by January 1, 2018, they may be sold to someone who is ready to pay and pick up.


A. Combo- Hoodie and Performance Long sleeve Shirt – $34

B. Combo- Hoodie and Cotton Long sleeve – $33


C. Hoodie=$22

D. Cotton Long Sleeve Tee=$15

E. Performance Long Sleeve tee – $16

F. Performance Short Sleeve tee – $12 (All players will receive practice shirt with registration)

G. Crew neck sweatshirts-$20 *Performance/Dri-fit/Moisture Wicking