PAC Hoodie Order

PAC 2012-2013 T-shirts and Hoodies Order Now!


Place your orders NOW if you would like to recieve your Hoodie by the time the weather turns cool!


They will be a sport grey with navy lettering.

Players price will be the cost of the hoodie $28, all other orders will be $33. In order to get the best price I need to have a decent order.  I will wait until I have enough to get the lowest price possible, so please check with family and friends to see if they want to support PAC and get a hoodie.


If you want to place an order please email me at the above address, say what sport you are with, give order and size, and tell whether this is for a PAC athlete or PAC fan.


Contact: Jennifer Aurednik at to send order

Make checks payable to PAC

Mail to: 1357 Knott’s Haven Lp, Lexington, SC 29073