PAC Graduate Celebration Fact Sheet


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  • By Monday May 9th Video or photos emailed to Britt, please review his directions below Britt Hogg 803-479-0670
  • By Wednesday May 11th – Complete the Sign-Up Form to be included. SIGN-UP WILL STOP ON MAY 11TH, as we have to prepare the program.
  • By Thursday May 12th  Sign-Up Genius– Each graduate is limited to 10 family members (not including graduate).  If you need more seats, please sign up for 10 on this RSVP and we will be in touch the week before if we have more availability for you.
  • By Thursday May 12th  $25 – Participation Fee- by May 12th- to cover meat, paper products, cake, decor. You can bring cash, check to Stacey Hogg, or send Stacey Hogg – Venmo @staceyhogg8 Last four of her phone. 0932

If you need immediate assistance, please reach out to Stacey Hogg (803-479-0932), Jennifer Lanier (803-603-2902), or Paige Youmans (803-622-4861)