PAC Golf

After many years of faithful service directing our PAC Golf team, Lee Winters is stepping down.  Under Lee’s guidance PAC Golf has thrived, enabling both boys and girls to compete against top golfers in the state and travel out of state to home school tournaments.  We cannot thank Lee enough for giving of his time, energy, and talents to encourage the love of golf along with Spiritual application in the lives of the kids who golfed under him.

With that being said, PAC is now looking for a new Golf director to enable the golf program to continue.  As with all sports in PAC, a program continues only when there is a passionate parent willing to direct it in order for their kids and others to participate.  All Directors have to be able to sign the Statement of Faith that is found on the website and follow the Coach’s Contract.  If you or someone you know would be willing to discuss and pray about taking over directing PAC Golf please contact Jennifer Aurednik  at

If a director is not in place by January we will not have a PAC Golf team in 2018.