PAC Cross Country Interest

If you are interested in running cross country in the fall, now is the time to begin training.

Cross Country is a sport where athletes compete in 3 mile races. Taking the time to develop the strength to complete this distance is very important to being successful in the sport of cross country. 
Our conditioning period will start May 30 through Coach Trey’s Without Limits XC conditioning program.

By that time, prospective runners should be strong enough to complete the following miles in a single run:
New runners- 3 miles returning 7th graders- 3 miles returning 8th graders- 3.5 miles returning 9th graders- 4 miles returning 10th graders- 5 miles returning 11th graders- 6 miles returning 12th graders- 7 miles

Trey McCain Director for Without Limits Columbia USATF Level 1 Certified Coach