PAC Board Directive Regarding Coronavirus

The PAC Board members have now offered their thoughts on the stance PAC will take regarding the Coronavirus and how PAC will respond.  The board does not think it would be responsible to continue to practice and play games as scheduled. These are extraordinary times and our country along with most other countries in the world has taken extraordinary measures to attempt to slow the spread of this virus.  The PAC Board believes all practices should be canceled and we should adhere to the same regulations that SCISA and SCHSL teams are having to follow. For years PAC directors and coaches have worked at establishing relationships with SCISA and SCHSL by scheduling with their teams. If we ignore what the nation is being asked to do and continue to practice and play games with other homeschool teams, it could give them more reasons for not allowing PAC to join their organizations and the years of work to establish a credible reputation could be destroyed.
Another question we need to ask ourselves is could we be liable in any way if one of our players comes in contact with a carrier of the virus while at a PAC practice or event and spreads it?  These are uncharted waters and as many have pointed out a very fluid situation that is changing daily if not hourly.  With all of these concerns and considerations, the PAC board has decided to cancel all practices and games until further notice and follow the guidelines given by the Governor.  

All PAC sports practices and games are canceled through the end of March at which time we will reevaluate and decide how to proceed.

I know all will continue to be in prayer not only for PAC but that the peace of God will reign over all and that many will find hope in Him during these troubled times.

In Him, Jennifer Aurednik