PAC Bass Fishing Open for Registration

Official sign up will be on the PAC website (link) or use the link below.


Priority will be given to returning anglers over newcomers.

There is a $200 participation fee with a minimum $50 fee to pay at time of registration.  

This will be reimbursed if adequate number of boat captains are not found.

Requirement for boat captain are as follows:

-Boat captain must sign a Statement of Faith (PAC requirement)

-Boat captain must submit to a background check

-Boat captain must sign up on PAC website as a volunteer coach

-Must have minimum 16 ft boat with steering wheel (no tiller handle or stick steering)

-Must have $300,000 liability insurance policy (estimated cost $100)

-Boat captain will be reimbursed for vehicle and boat gas expenses (up to $100 per tournament)

Contact Frank Myers for more information at