PAC Athlete Recognized for Outstanding Sportsmanship

This past Tuesday the PAC Cross Country team participated in Hammond’s Skyhawk Invitational. This was a huge event with twenty-three boys teams and twenty girls teams from across South Carolina. On this extremely hot and humid afternoon, a female runner from Ninety-Six High School started experiencing symptom’s of dehydration a little over half way through the race. PAC runner, Lauren Fryer, noticed the girl having difficulty and stopped to check on her and quickly realized that she needed help immediately. Selflessly, Lauren abandoned her opportunity to finish the race to stay with this girl until proper medical help arrived. The runner was taken to the hospital via ambulance and treated for dehydration. Thankfully, she is now recovering and doing fine. Hammond’s Athletic Director contacted me this morning to recognize Lauren’s sportsmanship and sacrificial act of helping this girl in distress and to thank PAC for instilling these great qualities in our athletes! Thank you Lauren for not only representing PAC well, but representing Christ through your unselfish act of compassion to a fellow athlete in need!