PAC 210 Newberry Highschool 177 March 7th

PAC 210 Newberry high 177

My fingers have finally regained their feeling enough for me to type our summary to our match with Newberry High School. Raymond Buuurrrrrr! I was kkkkk-cold!

PAC was lead by our senior team captain David Gray who shot 47. Nice round David, you are improving every round. Our team standings were as follows:

1. David 47*
2. Luke 50*
3. Asher 56*
4. Junah 57*
5. Jeb 67
6. Josh 70
7. Sam unofficial.

We had several golfers post their personal best tournament scores and we were missing two key players.

We met our positive mindset goal by displaying great positive attitudes. I was most pleased with David who improved his round on every hole after a rough start.

I’m noticing more and more each week how different ya’ll are from our public school counterparts. You are far more courteous, caring, and gentlemanly compared to some in our pairings. Newberry’s coach went out of his way to say what a great bunch of young men we have on our team. John 15:19 “..if you belonged to the world, it would love you as it’s own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world…”

Remember! Our score is not who we are. Who we are is the part we play in glorifying God. You are a servant to a much higher cause than some number on a piece of paper.