Needed: Media Promotions

PAC is looking for a Media promotions person.

This person would be responsible for keeping our sports tryouts, pre and post game info, and special highlights as well as events broadcast on social media which would include facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever else is most frequently followed.

The fall sports would include football, cheer, cross country, and volleyball.
The spring sports would include baseball, soccer, and softball.  Bass fishing has one tournament every month for the entire year. At this time, we have a volunteer to cover basketball.

Each sport would provide you with a contact person that you would communicate with to get game information to post.  Something should be sent out at the beginning of the week stating all PAC games for that week.  If a coach wants to highlight a player (maybe seniors throughout the season) or something special about his sport, that could be done in a different post. Follow up scores should be posted as well as any highlights that the contact person provides following the game/event.  Upcoming events like sport tryouts, home coming, alumni events, PAC picnic, etc would also be promoted via media to reach more people. 
This is the basic information that we would want kept up with.  We need a responsible person to take on this position, only contact me if you are willing to keep up with the sports and follow through on all that needs for the entire year. This could be an internship for a student.

Contact Jennifer Aurednik at if interested