Keys to Mental Edge Training Workshops

Keys to Mental Edge Training Workshops


Learn to unlock your mental edge for performing under pressure with these essential skills:

by Eva V. Monsma

A division of Athletic Performance Excellence (APEX)


Small group workshops coming soon to Bodyshop Athletics.


Associate Professor

-Developmental Sport Psychology

-Department of Physical Education

-University of South Carolina

-Public Speaker




With over 15 years of teaching and University of South Carolina and Michigan State

University. Eva is now offering mental training skills taught in her classes to the greater Columbia community.

Other topics:

  •  Performing Under Context -specific Pressure
  •  Positive Pushing
  •  Recovering from Setbacks
  •  Keeping your head in the game through injury
  •  Developing and maintaining a healthy body image
  •  Selecting and implementing an evaluation system for coaches and sport organizations 
  •  Using anthropometric and performance data to make informed selection and training decisions

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Eva V. Monsma