Helping a Missionary Family

Joey Christensen and his Family joined baseball with PAC this past year while on furlough from Haiti and we were able to love on them and show them how PAC is all about family. They have impacted our lives and we love them for that. Making the transition back to stateside is a daunting task and is difficult at times, packing up, leaving the friends you have loved on, starting over, making new friends. If you can help them get started all help would be appriciated. These are just a few items to help them get started. Below is the letter that Sean sent me and I want to share with you.

To our PAC Family, The Christensen family has a lot of transitions these days.  Joey just started as a freshman at CIU.  Heather and I bought a house this summer at 900 Sycamore Ave in the Seminary Ridge neighborhood, which is between Eau Claire High School and the Lutheran Seminary.   Our plans are to return to Haiti in October with Ellie going with us, and then return here in April, since my role in World Team, our mission agency, is changing from field missionary to leader and mentor.  Thank you for your prayers for Haiti. The earthquake devastated the region where we live.  I’ll be sending out a newsletter about that hopefully this week, but I’ve been putting updates on Facebook.

Since most of our possessions are in Haiti and it costs more to ship them back than to buy here, we are looking for good deals and giveaways.  We thought to let you know our needs and so, if you are aware of people who want to get rid of some extra things just taking up space, or you know of rummage sales in your neighborhood that have things we need, please let us know.


* 1 brown comfortable living room chair (smaller than a recliner)

* 1 lighter color comfortable “one-and-a-half” chair and footstool 

* 1 or 2 Tall pedestal lights

* 2 Bedside lamps- matching. Not too ornate

* Tall light-colored wooden bookshelf 6 ft x 3 ft or so

* Shorter light-colored wooden Bookshelf

* 1 bedroom end table that matches oak (mid-tan tone)

* 1 folding table 5 feet or smaller

Kitchen Items:

* Electric knife 

* larger pot 8 quarts 

* Sugar bowl 

* Spoon rest 

Yard and workshop:

* Garden rake

* Yard rake

* Hedge Sheers

* Branch lopper

* Gardening hand tools

* 8 ft “A-frame” ladder

* Wheelbarrow

* Lawnmower

* Tarp

* Storage shelves for shed

* Drill, drill bits

* Hand saw, square,

* Assorted nails, screws, bolts, nuts type stuff

 * DVD/Blu-ray player

Thanks in advance.  We are thankful to be part of PAC.
God bless,
Sean and Heather
Sean’s cell: 608-208-1874

Heather’s cell: 803-915-6531