Back to Play- Covid 19 Statement

All PAC Spring Sports’ seasons were canceled in mid-March due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It is the beginning of May and we are making plans to start back this summer with preseason activities for the upcoming fall sports as the Governor allows businesses and activities to open up.

We plan to stay in compliance with the orders of the State, therefore, if permission is not given by June 1st, all activities will be pushed back accordingly. But for now, we are planning for June 1st to be the day activities organized for the summer to begin within some new guidelines. We do not want to be foolish, we will act with caution, but we do not want to cancel everything out of fear. We also expect each family to participate or choose not to participate depending on their comfort level.

Guidelines to Get Back to Play:

1) Covid 19 Waiver- All participants of any PAC sanctioned event/activity will have to print, sign, and turn in a waiver before you will be permitted to participate. This document can be found on the website,, under forms.

2) Social Distancing- All spectators and players will adhere to the guidelines of social distancing as much as the sport will allow. As we cannot and will not be the social distancing police, each person will need to monitor themselves as to their comfort level while in groups.

3) Germs- Hand sanitizer will be provided in group settings for participants, but each participant will be responsible to use it and to avoid touching their face after coming in contact with a ball or other equipment that is shared among players. When possible, we ask that players use their own equipment such as baseball bats, helmuts, gloves, etc.

4) Hydration- We ask that each player bring their own water or sports drink to practice or games. Water coolers will be provided if necessary for refills but not drinking containers.

5) Sickness-if you are sick in any way, please do not come to practice or games. If you find out you are positive with Covid 19 and have unknowingly come to practice or a game, inform your coach.

Each sport will begin on the normal schedule as long as facilities and parks are open for use. Please subscribe to the website so you will receive all updates on sports and activities. Please contact each sports’ director if you have questions regarding that sport and when it will be beginning if you are unsure. We look forward to 2020/2021 competitive season in all of PAC’s sports to be better than ever!