Are you interested in Girls Fast Pitch Softball??

Dear Homeschool Community,


My name is Michelle Fryer, mother of 3 homeschool students and PAC athletes.  I am writing to see what interest there might be in putting together a PAC fast pitch softball team for girls in 6th-12th grades.  At this point in time, I do not have any real information to share with you.  However, I do have some questions! J


  • Are there any parents with softball/baseball experience who would be interested in coaching, assisting, etc.


  • Is there anyone with experience in the area of pitching for this particular sport?


  • Has your daughter ever played softball and what positions has she played?


Before going forward, I need to know if we have coaches and enough girls to field a team.  It would be a blessing to have a trained pitcher right off the bat, too, but we can work on that.  To see if your daughter would be eligible to participate on a PAC team, please see the PAC Eligibility Status at:


Please pray for this potential opportunity.  Our goal, first and foremost, will be to bring glory to our Lord Jesus, and example Christian character on and off the field.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.



Michelle Fryer