3/10/12 Golf News

PAC Golf

Wed. Nights match vs. Keenan ended officially in a draw as darkness prevented completion of the round, but thru 6 holes we were far ahead and the low man at that point was Luke Ozmint at 5 over.  Nice round Luke.

The tournament at Charwood went well.  Our team finished 14th out of 18 teams.   Congratulations to Jay for placing individually in 23rd place and David 41st in the 90 Man field.  A special thanks to Asher for stepping up on such short notice to play in his first Varsity event in a highly competitive field.  You are most courageous my friend and we couldn’t have done it without you.

 Final standings below, both team and individual.


1st     AC Flora        324
2nd     Lexington       326
3rd     Chapin  328
4th     Pelion  336
5th     Central 345
6th     Brookland-Cayce         346
7th     Gilbert 348
8th     Lexington (2)   352
9th     Irmo    354
10th    Midland Valley  355
11th    White Knoll     363
12th    Dreher  368
13th    Airport 378
14th    Providence Athletic Club        384
15th    Brookland-Cayce (2)     404
16th    Swansea 415
17th    Batesburg-Leesville     419
18th    Ridge View      424

        Player  School  Score
1st     Will Starke     Chapin  74
2nd     Wick Andrews    AC Flora        77
2nd     Chase Fisher    AC Flora        77
2nd     Zach Herold     Lexington       77
2nd     Cody Proveaux   Pelion  77
2nd     Caleb Proveaux  Pelion  77
2nd     Austin Bowers   Lexington       78
7th     Bryce Miley     Lexington 2     78
9th     Zach McLain     Gilbert 79
10th    Austin Terry    Central 80
11th    Caleb Pennington        Brookland-Cayce         81
12th    Griff Doolittle Chapin  81
13th    Jennings Huntley        AC Flora        82
13th    Ben Miller      Central 82
13th    William Godfrey Dreher  82
13th    Scotty Koon     Lexington 2     82
17th    Alex Gillian    Irmo    83
17th    Caleb Lewis     Lexington       83
17th    Zack Heustess   White Knoll     83
20th    Matthew Meetze  Chapin  84
21st    Darrell Clippard        Brookland-Cayce         85
21st    Adam Mahan      Midland Valley  85
23rd    Josh Smith      Airport 86
23rd    Dalton Waters   Gilbert 86
23rd    Hunter Fields   Irmo    86
23rd    Jay Smith       Providence Athletic Club        86
27th    Matt Bryant     Midland Valley  87
28th    Michael Beal    AC Flora        88
28th    Michael Day     Irmo    88
28th    Nic Nicholson   Lexington       88
28th    Robbie Morris   White Knoll     88
32nd    Daniel Lucas    Airport 89
32nd    Matthew Hill    Brookland-Cayce         89
32nd    Matthew Terry   Central 89
32nd    Sullivan Byrd   Chapin  89
32nd    Matthew Keane   Lexington 2     89
37th    Parker Powell   AC Flora        90
37th    Reid Metts      Dreher  90
37th    Dilan Havird    Midland Valley  90
37th    Nic Ferrara     Pelion  90
41st    Will Epting     Brookland-Cayce         91
41st    Avery Bruner    Gilbert 91
41st    David Grey      Providence Athletic Club        91
44th    Joseph Hardee   Gilbert 92
44th    Phillip Shumpert        Pelion  92
46th    Jonathan Mitchell       Midland Valley  93
46th    Tanner Cierzan  Ridge View      93
48th    Samatha Melton  Central 94
48th    Jordan Day      Chapin  94
48th    Wyman King      Lexington       94
48th    Weston Sharpe   Pelion  94
48th    Colton Brock    White Knoll     94
53rd    Devon Kilgore   Dreher  95
54th    Cody Chavis     Airport 96
54th    Harrison Gibson Brookland-Cayce 2       96
54th    TJ Doolittle    Midland Valley  96
57th    Andrew Byrne    Irmo    97
57th    Travis Simmons  Swansea 97
59th    Dylan Uldrick   White Knoll     98
60th    Parker Hook     Brookland-Cayce 2       99
60th    Matt Steadman   Ridge View      99
62nd    Jake Asbill     Batesburg-Leesville     100
62nd    Alex Miles      Gilbert 100
62nd    Luke Ozmint     Providence Athletic Club        100
62nd    Jordan Palmer   Ridge View      100
66th    Cliff Kinder    Dreher  101
67th    Zachary Terrapin        Brookland-Cayce         102
68th    Lowell Hook     Brookland-Cayce 2       103
68th    Nicholas Beiers Lexington 2     103
70th    Avery Wash      Batesburg-Leesville     104
70th    Alex Swearingen Swansea 104
72nd    Wills Swygert   Batesburg-Leesville     105
73rd    Jordan Friedrichs       Brookland-Cayce 2       106
73rd    Riley Chambers  Irmo    106
73rd    Matthew Sharpe  Brookland-Cayce (individual)    106
76th    Evan Lusk       Airport 107
76th    Jacob Fabian    Providence Athletic Club        107
76th    Jay Sandy       Swansea 107
76th    David Merritt   Swansea 107
76th    Andrew King     White Knoll     107
81st    Reed Dawson     Airport 109
82nd    Lee Lybrand     Batesburg-Leesville     110
82nd    Forrest Hite    Brookland-Cayce 2       110
84th    Shade Fulmer    Batesburg-Leesville     114
85th    Austin Hill     Swansea 115
86th    Trent Hutto     Central 116
87th    Trey Watson     Ridge View      132
88th    Daichi Kanasugi Ridge View      133
89th    Asher Bowen     Providence Athletic Club        135
90th    Joshua Taylor   Dreher  138