2020 PAC Graduation

Hello PAC Senior families!
God is good!  Like some public and private schools are doing for graduation this year, we will be utilizing Bray Park, home of the PAC Panthers (at least for football, baseball and cheer!) for our PAC 2020 Graduation Ceremony!  I just got the approval yesterday from the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission.  They have only asked that we practice social distancing as much as possible.

We will hold it on Saturday, June 27 in the morning, with a start time of probably 9 or 10 am.  I have secured a PA System and am working on a few people (or don’t have 2020 seniors) to help set up that day.  We would like all graduates, if possible, to wear cap and gown.  It doesn’t matter the color, and if you don’t have one/don’t want to purchase one, check with friends to see if you can borrow one.  But it is not required, so please don’t let that be a hindrance!

I envision needing help with a program of grads to hand out to families and a photo op place at the field for our grads with their friends and families to take pictures at.  We will ask that each family submit a picture and short bio of their graduate to include in program.  If you have a talent in one of those areas, please let me know!

At this point, I now need a new “yes” or “no” list of grads for this new date.  Can each of you email me, kchucks@hotmail.com, with the following:

  1.  Grad attending – yes or no; if yes, state full name of your graduate(s)
  2.  Approximate number in family attending event – just “guesstimate” for our planning purposes, please
  3.  Willingness to help with event (set up, clean up, program, photo op, etc.), if you are able (not required, of course!)

Thank you, everyone! 

Kristi Hucks