2018 Volleyball Tryouts

JV &  Varsity:
Wednesday July 18th 12-2PM
Thursday July 19th 2-4PM
MS team will practice at their usual times.
Teams will be posted by 4:15 on the gym wall Thursday July 19th (all players will be assigned a number and will be listed by that number on the team list.  No names will be posted)
Each team will have a  MANDATORY PARENT MEETING after tryouts.  This meeting will be held by the head coach of each team and I will be in attendance.  I think it is important for the head coaches to run the meeting so that the parents get familiar with the coach and their expectations.
VARSTY PARENT MEETING:  Tuesday July 24th @ 4PM
JV PARENT MEETING:  Thursday July 26th @ 4PM
I have also attached our updated schedule.  Everything has remained the same basically except for the MS practices.  Coach Shannon was able to get a couple more hours per week added.
Please take time to read the consequences of missed practice time.  This will be strictly enforced starting July 30th.  I understand that some missed  practices are unavoidable but I am hoping that each player is going to make volleyball a priority in their school season and plan accordingly.  If you will notice, none of the consequences are extreme and all are volleyball related.  The girls will not be able to do the  consequences in advance and must complete them before the start of the next practice they attend after missing.
The player is responsible for letting their coach know no less than 24 hrs in advance if they will be missing a practice, via text or email.  The only EXCUSED absences (ie do not have to be made up with the “gauntlet”) are:
1) Medical excuse that requires doctor visit and note
2.) Family emergency verified by parent
3.) Religious holiday
All other misses will be required to be made up before the start of the next practice.
Please feel free to ask any questions if you have them!  My door is always open!
Looking forward to our season this year!!  GO PANTHERS!

Sue Dillon
Director, Lake Murray Volleyball Club
Head Coach, PAC Varsity 
Head Coach 17 National Red & 13 National Red LMVC
Sponsorship Chairperson, Columbia Volleyball Club
(803)  262-7914