2017 PAC Soccer Teams

PAC 2017 Varsity Girls

  1. Gabby Eish
  2. Sarah Mason
  3. Kandace Letton
  4. Lily Elmore
  5. Kylie Chandler
  6. Gigi Lamb
  7. Madi Lamb
  8. Anna Bozzone
  9. Zoe Aurednik
  10. Tara Collins
  11. Anna Marie Blevins
  12. Raegan Gentry
  13. Natalie Combs
  14. Mary Grace Norman
  15. MC Hobbs
  16. Madison Proctor
  17. Emily Childs
  18. Caitlyn McDougald


PAC 2017 JV Girls

  1. Anna Beth Freeman
  2. Ashley Eubanks
  3. Britton Hogg
  4. Cassidy Coffin
  5. Charrissa Wrobel
  6. Chloe Davis
  7. Elaine Smith
  8. Emma Thumpston
  9. Gabby Taylor
  10. Gracie Taylor
  11. Hailey Collins
  12. Hannah Crouch*
  13. Jessica Townsend*
  14. Karson Bryan
  15. Lindy Lamb*
  16. Madison Bachi
  17. Samantha Fontana
  18. Tatum Bryan


Mary Ashley McCracken

Olivia Herskind

Sarah Ihrie

*Indicates Part-time players (these players also play club soccer in the spring)

PAC 2017 Varsity Boys

  1. Asher Bowen
  2. Avery Bryan
  3. Andrew Craft
  4. Jon Edmonds
  5. Zach Elkins
  6. Ben Eubanks
  7. Zach Freeman
  8. Drew Herskind
  9. Nate Hill
  10. Grant Ihrie
  11. Cole Ihrie
  12. Micah Kline
  13. Miguel Posada
  14. Brooks Taylor
  15. Andrew Thumpston
  16. Josiah Wroble


PAC 2017 JV Boys

  1. Colin McKay
  2. Daniel Craft
  3. Robert Hogg
  4. Jacob Shirmer
  5. Michael McCathern
  6. Sal Fontana
  7. Brooks Cabiness
  8. Jared Townsend
  9. Sam Rish
  10. Donovan Fontana
  11. Kaishon Burkholder
  12. Isaac Walkup
  13. John Davis
  14. Brayden Romanstine
  15. Josh Touard
  16. Asher Aurednik*
  17. Mathew McCathern
  18. Caleb Fink

*Indicates part-time player (these players also play club soccer in the spring)


  1. Ethan Herskind
  2. Ben Wegener
  3. Ben Beam


Congratulations on making a 2017 PAC Team

-Registration-Please register asap once teams are posted, this let’s me know that you accept your position on the team.

Click here for Registration Options: https://pacpanthers.demosphere-secure.com/_registration 

  • Full time player- $330 for VB, VG, JVB and $300 for JVG
  • Part time player-These are 6th, 7th, and 8th grade players who also play club soccer and have a spring season and will be coming to limited PAC practices because they will be at club practice, but will participate in games. $185+($120 for uniform only if needed)
  • Reserve players-These are players who will come to practices and develop as players but not play in games. They do not need to order a uniform but will pay $85 and receive a practice shirt and be covered by PAC insurance if an injury were to occur during practice.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to email or call me.

-Practice-Mandatory practice begins Monday, January 9th at Red Bank Rec, 6:30-8:00.

  • Coaches have talked and would like to cut the practice time back to 8:00 and see how it works, if they feel they are not able to complete what is necessary during that time we will take it back to 8:30.
  • Coaches will need to be notified when practices will be missed. It is important for you to be at all practices if possible.
  • Coaches plan practices based on the number of players and if players don’t show up it affects everything. However, we know unforeseen things happen so if you cannot make a practice please notify your coach.
  • We do not expect anyone to come to practice if they are sick and contagious.
  • Coaches contact Info provided below.

-Forms needed:

  • Birth Certificate- please provide a copy if you are new. I have all returning players on file
  • Athletic Physical- I need proof that your player has had a physical. If your insurance only covers one once a year and you need to wait until Jan, Feb, or Mar. let me know and I will work with you.  All players need a clean bill of health to play.

-Shin Guards- all shin guards need to be NOCSAE certified.  Check your existing shin guards and make sure the tag can be seen, if you cannot verify that they are certified you will need to get new shin guards.  You can purchase these online ex. Soccer.com, or locally at DICKS or Academy Sports.

-Uniform Kit and other apparel offered:

  • Uniform kits- $120 I tried to get most sizes at tryouts, if you want to change the size you need, please do so when asked on the registration. Returning players only mark on the uniform if you need a new piece of your uniform like bigger shorts or more socks or a new jersey. If you don’t need anything, DO NOT MARK IT!
  • Training Jackets-please email me if you want a soccer jacket. Price will depend on how many are ordered ($65-$85).  I will place the order Dec 19th so we can try to have them by the beginning of practice.
  • Hoodies and Long Sleeve shirts-$35/Adult size hoodies, $30/Youth size hoodies, pick Grey or Navy. $20 Long Sleeve Navy T-shirts

 If you want a jacket,  hoodie, or Long Sleeve shirt you will need to email me size (and color for hoodie). Please make your check out to: PAC and mail to: Jennifer Aurednik, 1357 Knott’s Haven Lp, Lexington SC 29073    

-Game schedule-I have the schedule but will wait until January to send it as it is at a stage when things are still changing a lot. 



Manager: Jennifer Aurednik / pacpanthers@windstream.net / 803-269-6020

Director of Coaching-John Collins/johncollinsfb@gmail.com/803-397-2233

Varsity Boys: John Collins/johncollinsfb@gmail.com/803-397-2233

Junior Varsity Boys: Sal Fontana/salnmari@Hotmail.com/803-580-0688

Varsity Girls: Joel Chandler/ joelachandler@aol.com/ 803-354-8594,

Junior Varsity Girls: Stephen Ardoline/803-960-0757/luckyfortynine@yahoo.com