2016 PAC Volleyball Teams


2016 PAC Volleyball Tryouts are complete, and Congratulations are in order to the following players listed below.  The Middle School Team has not yet been solidified, but will continue to be open for other players to join us until August 8th.  Other 6th – 8th grade players who are interested in playing competitive volleyball are encouraged to join us!
In addition, we will be opening our volleyball program up to 5th graders, as a support team basis, in order to develop a strong future program for PAC Volleyball.  Support team members, includes girls grades 5-12, will practice with us daily and will travel with us as managers at games and tournaments.

Congratulations to the following 2 Support Squad Members and 11 JV players:

Savannah Dyer

Arquette Goidosik

Annie Blevins

Sarah Beth Bradley

Faith Anne Floyd

Hannah Johns

Paxton Kidwell

Natalie Maltry

Margaret Mancuso

Ella Mancuso

Merritt Reeves

Aly Runyan

Nikole Shipley


Congratulations to the Following 8 Middle School Players:


Sadie Belle Dyer

Janae Johnson

Lexi Loudermilk

Julia Maybach

Maria Maybach

Meredith McEnulty

Savannah West

Natalie Weaver