2015 Christmas Tree Fundraising Opportunity for PAC

 Hi PAC Family! 
> I am excited to announce the start of our 2015 Christmas tree fundraising 
drive! This is an awesome opportunity to help your PAC athletic program raise 
funds by purchasing something you're gonna purchase anyway this Holiday Season. 
> Here are the basics that you’ll need to know. Contact Britt or Stacey Hogg to 
purchase your Christmas tree or wreath this season. At the time of your purchase 
you will receive a PAC ticket that you can redeem for your tree at the Christmas 
tree lot. Stacey and I will keep track of what PAC athletic program you wish to 
have your contribution given to. All contributions will be divided up when the 
fundraiser ends and be distributed to the corresponding programs. The tree 
selection at the lot is always very good and like all tree lots you have the 
freedom to look around and pick the perfect tree you want in the size you've 
purchased. Please do not go to the tree lot to purchase a tree PAC will NOT get 
credit for the sale without the ticket. 
> We did this fundraiser last year but we were a little late getting the word 
out. I know most people like to purchase their Christmas trees in the next two 
weeks so we are ready for your order. In order to raise as much money as we can 
we are not accepting debit cards or credit cards due to the fees associated with 
electronic payments, please be prepared to pay by check or cash. If you have an 
artificial tree, don’t feel left out, you can purchase a wreath for your home. 
If you do not want to purchase a tree or wreath but you would still like to 
contribute to PAC you can purchase a ticket and give that ticket to someone that 
may be less fortunate and can not afford to have a tree this season. 
> How much money can PAC make? 
> PAC will receive 20% of each sale so it really depends on how many trees we 
sell. With that in mind, I would encourage everyone to promote this fundraiser 
to your friends and family. Remember, the more trees we sell the more money PAC 
> Prices 
> Tabletop - $20 
> 5-6 ft tree - $50 
> 6-7 ft tree - $60 
> 7-8 ft tree - $75 
> 8-9 ft tree - $95 
> 9-10 ft tree - $120 
> 10-11 ft tree - $150 
> Small Wreath - $25 
> Large Wreath - $30 
> To purchase or ask questions please contact 
> Britt Hogg  803-479-0670<tel:803-479-0670> 
> Stacey Hogg  803-479-0932<tel:803-479-0932> 
> Tree lot address: 
> Seasonal Fundraiser’s Granddaddys Christmas Trees 
> 1/7433 Broad River Rd. 
> Irmo, SC 29063 
> (803) 727-8998<tel:%28803%29%20727-8998> 
> https://goo.gl/maps/Jwv34uQbqwB2 
> If you would like to learn more about Granddaddys 
> Christmas Trees please visit their website. 
> http://www.granddaddystrees.com/index.html 
> or visit them on Facebook at 
> https://www.facebook.com/Granddaddys-Trees-190257379470/