PAC Golf Team Information

Director Of Golf: Lee Winters, 803-940-1592

We are a “Home School Golf Team.”  This team has been made up of both Homeschool male or female students and/or private school students who don’t have a golf team offered at their school.

Playing golf in a team environment is a unique experience not traditionally available outside of “School” Golf. 

How is High school golf played:  Two or more teams will meet at a scheduled course and put forth their chosen best 6 players to play against the 6 best players of the opposing team, or teams?  9 holes are played where by each player keeps his total score for each of the nine holes.  At the completion of the round each player tallies his or her score.  Each team throws out the higher two scores from their team and then the remaining 4 players scorecards are added together and is used as that teams total score.  The team with the LOWEST total score wins.

Skill Level required to play?   We have had players of all skill levels play on our team in the past.  From future college golfers to players who have never played the game.  Individual 9 hole scores have ranged from 35 up to 65.

What schools do you play against?  Newberry, Irmo, Chapin, Brookland Cacye, Airport, Hammond, Heathwood Hall, Keenan, Etc.

JV or Varsity and Tryouts:  We have traditionally had only a varsity team, due to our small number of players available, however we have had seasons where we had 20 players and had a JV and Varsity team, as well as a developmental team.  The first or second week of January we usually have tryouts, but it is really a way to find out what skill level each player has and allows the Director of Golf to determine how to structure practice going forward.  THERE IS NO CUT.

Cost?  Determined annually, but has been as little as $45 and as high as $300.  The cost is given before the start of each season at our Tee off meeting traditionally held the first week of December.  The cost is determined by the amount of outside donations we receive as well as tournament schedule. 

Practice schedule/Time Commitment:

We have one team practice per week, and ask that everyone practice daily on their own.  Some students do not have access to a course and practice putting in their home or chipping in their back yard.  Once the season starts the Golf team members will have FREE access to Linrick Golf course any time they choose.  Once the season starts, Last week of February-end of Mach, we have one practice and one Match each week.  We play all over the Columbia area and some light travel is required.


What opportunities to learn are available to the players:

All players are encouraged to reach out to local golf professionals for swing lessons.  Some rudimentary swing mechanics will be given to beginning players if needed, but the majority of practice will be spent on teaching the mental side of the game, how to set goals and develop a quantifiable method to reach those goals, rules of golf, and the relationship golfers may have with Jesus Christ.




January – February Practice

February-March Season.


Will athletes have the opportunity to Letter?  YES


How do I sign up to play:  send an email or call the Director of golf and he will sign you up.  Lee Winters 803-940-1592