PAC GOLF 4/3. Down the Back Stretch They Come!

Its’ fun to win.  Its funner to have fun winning.  In the immortal words of the famous philosopher Dr. Suess, “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.”  

Yesterday, In more ways than one PAC proved they know how.   I’m proud of the way PAC carried themselves in victory which is equaled by their attitudes and actions exhibited in thier few defeats.  Tyson, Devon, and Robert (Keenan) seemed to enjoy their time with PAC because of our PAC golfer’s ability to share success with them.  I’m positive thisexcellent course of action will continue throughout the remainder of our season.


We have reached the half-way point in our schedule.  Amazing! It will be over before we know it.   The time is here again to review our plans for reaching our goals, make adjustments, and continue the improvement process.  Plan your work, Know your plan, Work your plan, Reach your goals, and Repeat.


I took a moment to look over our results and took the average 9 hole scores for everyone and stack ranked them.  I did this as a way to measure everyone individually and to see where we are collectively as a team.  Here are the results.


  1. Will 39
  2. Cooper 44
  3. Jacob 46
  4. Luke 48
  5. Junah 49
  6. Taylor 49
  7. Asher 56
  8. Logan 56
  9. Jonathan 59
  10. Tyler 64
  11. Noah 65


Team top four score = 177


The message for our team is, “If you’re first, or last, or in the middle upon this list; it doesn’t matter.  What matters, is where you are with-in the process of getting better and why your trying to improve.”  I hope all our team members will take a moment to read Matthew 20:1-16 reflecting upon how this parable makes them feel about Their position?  If they could take a moment and let our staff know their thoughts it will help us better understand how to assist them on their journey to reaching higher goals.


(PAC 4 wins 3 Losses)

Win PAC 130 (Luke 41, Cooper 42, Junah 47)  Keenan 177 (Tyson 56, Devon 58, Robert 63)

Loss PAC 195 (Jacob 46, Cooper 48, Junah 50, Asher 51) Ben Lippen 187

Win PAC 202 (Jacob 48, Cooper 48, Junah 52, Luke 54) Lower Richland 252

Loss PAC 202 (Jacob 48, Cooper 48, Junah 52, Luke 54) Riverview 193

Win PAC 132 (Will 38, Junah 49, Asher/Logan c45) Heathwood Hall JV 157

Loss PAC 211 (Will 40, Junah 52, Asher 58, Logan 61) Gilbert 193

Win PAC 102 (Will +1, Luke +4, Jacob +6, Junah +7) Airport 118

Battle of the Dam 16th Place out of 20.  (Cooper 27th, Jacob 34th, Junah 71st, Luke 77th)

 Stay tuned for an exciting second half.