Golf Team Mid-season Update!

2015 PAC Golf Team is puting together a fine season.  We have four victories and one defeat.  This years edition of the PAC golf team has 12 Players.  Here is a list of the starting Varsity players with their nine-hole scoring averages as posted through week 12.

1. Will Eckstein 39 Jr.

2. Cooper Snow 41 Jr.

3. Logan Reese 45 So.

4. Phoebe Carles 47 8th

5. Carlton Snow 50 8th

6. Tyler Reese 51 8th

7. Junah Winters 53 8th

8. Taylor Diveley 58 Jr.

9. Caleb Roberts 58. 8th

Other players on this years team are Mason Tomlinson, Kenton Black, Noah Diveley, and Josh Diveley.

Season Match review:


1.PAC 167 Wins two, lead by Will Eckstein’s -2 under par 34.  Airport’s score of 180 and Brookland Cayce’s score of 180.

2. PAC 180 Wins over Ben Lippen who shot 188.  Cooper Snow match Medalist with 40.

3. PAC 171 Wins over Heathwood Hall 172 but loses to Wilson Hall 147. Will Eckstein lead’s PAC with 40.

Team Match Record 4 wins and 1 Loss.

Season Tournament review:

1. The Goldenbear at Hilton Head Island:

Team finished 27th out of 30 teams.  The highlights of the week: the excellent tour like atmosphere and competing against some of the best players in the south-east.  Hilton Head Christian shot an amazing score of 6 over par to win. Will Eckstein lead the team with a 36 hole total of 161.  He had a great third day washed out when day three was cancelled due to rain.  He carded a 38.  Will finished 36th out of a field of 150 players.

2. The Battle of the Dam:

Team finished 15th out of 22 teams with a score of 725.  Highlighted with a great second day where the team shot 359 to jump over 3 schools on the final day.  Cooper snow ended the tournament in a tie for 37th out of 150 players.


The team has 7 matches remaining and one Major Tournament in Myrtle Beach.    Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this edition of the PAC Golf Team.