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PAC Varsity Golf Shoots season Low 180 and Wins Two

PAC Varsity Golf team saved their best for last.  The team shot a season Low 180.  Top four scores were: So. Jay Smith 42 So. Luke Ozmint   44 Sr. David Gray  46 (C) 6th Junah Winters  48. 180 was good enough to win over Ridgeview and Keenan at Linrick’s Par 37, 3,175 yard front nine.  Highlights: sophomore Jay Smith’s …

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PAC Golf Team falls to Airport Highschool at Charwood Country Club

PAC 197 Airport Highschool 183: Luke Ozmint 43* David Gray 45* Taylor Diveley 53* Asher Bowen 56* Junah Winters 61 Thomas Kindrick 72 Jay Smith 41 Josh Fritts 63 Sam Richardson 72 Jeb Butler DNF This moves the PAC Panthers record to 3-7 with three matches remaining.  Next up Chapin at Timberlake Tuesday @ 4:30.

PAC Golf Team Wins Two

PAC 194, Keenan 235, Lee Central NC 3.28.13 At Linrick Golf Course Jay Smith 44* David Gray 48* Luke Ozmint 50* Junah Winters 52 * Taylor Diveley 59 Thomas Kendrick 57 Jay Smith was match medalist and PAC’s Top Four scores were the match top four. Nice job PAC golf team.  We continue to improve our team score …

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PAC GOLF TEAM 2013. Very Serious.

PAC 196, Heathwood Hall 167, Sumter 170 @ Crickentree

David Gray 46* Luke Ozmint 47* Jay Smith 51* Asher Bowen 52* Junah Winters 58 Thomas Kindrick 63 Josh Fritts 60

PAC Falls to 1 and 4 on the season

PAC 219 and Irmo 189 at Rawls Creek Blue Tees. 1. Luke 50* 2. Jay 54* 3. David 57* 4. Junah 58* 5. Asher 60* 6. Taylor 62* Unofficial scores from the White tees, Thomas 56, Josh 57, Jeb 72, Sam 70.

PAC 210 Newberry Highschool 177 March 7th

PAC 210 Newberry high 177 My fingers have finally regained their feeling enough for me to type our summary to our match with Newberry High School. Raymond Buuurrrrrr! I was kkkkk-cold! PAC was lead by our senior team captain David Gray who shot 47. Nice round David, you are improving every round. Our team standings …

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PAC Golf Team Perseveres through tuff conditions

Lexington 191, Gilbert 191, PAC 203.   Damp! Cold! Windy! Under difficult conditions we persevered.  Romans 5 ….”Perseverance produces character and character hope, & hope doesn’t disappoint….”   I thought everyone played well considering the windy cold conditions.   We are on track with 2 of our team goals. We are improving every round, and …

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Golf Team has great first week

PAC Golf Team won its’ first match of the year over Newberry Christian Academy at Newberry Country Club.  Jay Smith was Team medalist, followed, in order, by Junah Winters, Asher Bowen, and Taylor Diveley.  The team traveled to Windermere to compete in the SCJGA one day tournament.  Taylor Diveley lead the way with a Team high 19 points.  Next …

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2013 PAC Golf Team Roster announced

 Roster for 2013 Pac Golf Team and Order of Excellence  1. Jay Smith 2. Luke Ozmint 3. David Gray 4. Asher Bowen 5. Junah Winters 6. Taylor Diveley 7. Josh Fritts 8. Thomas Kindrick 9. Jeb Buttler 10. Sam Richardson